Artiste KARLA LESSA in

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Karla Lessa established a direct contact with the city’s beauties and idiosyncrasies. She established her studio in a community on Ilha do Governador, where she learned and received much of the affection and joy from the people and captured the color that the carioca (original from Rio) soul exults. She also had an artistic experience at the Largo das 5 bocas, where she developed the strength and passion characteristic of her art. Karla Lessa has a degree in Fine Arts from the School of Fine Arts at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and is the mother of the twins Bruno and Bianca, as diverse and beautiful as the breadth of her work. Karla uses her gift as a way to get closer to the carioca culture and to reduce some of the social problems she encounters. She has participated as a volunteer since 2013 at Governor Island Solidarity Group of actions related to the love of neighbor. Her focus is to beautify life through her keen and sensitive look, bringing a more harmonious world to the place. Her works allow the public to experience a moment where borders are broken, where beauty in all its essence is present. Her theme is plural, but paradoxically, a characteristic feature of her work is the passion that pulsates and delights. Her art is the communion of the human essence with the purest in us. The artist, on her journey, inspires and transports those who have the opportunity of contact to her creations.

Galerie associée : UP TIME ART GALLERY